Workers’ Compensation Billing

Workers’ compensation provides coverage for wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to employees who are injured on the job. The legal process of filing claims for treatment of workers’ compensation cases is nothing like filing a claim to a health insurance provider. Requirements for claim filings differ from state to state and require additional research and paperwork. Many healthcare providers initially fail to determine that the patient’s injury or illness is work related, which complicates the process even further.

KeyMed Partners Provides:

  • Determine whether or not patient’s injury falls under workers’ compensation
  • Verify benefits and obtain an authorization
  • Prepare and submit all claims to workman’s compensation carrier
  • Verification of insurance carrier, employer, claim number, date of injury, bureau code, third party payer, medical records, and LIBC-9
  • Process fee reviews in accordance with the Worker’s Compensation Act
  • Calculate and verify appropriate reimbursement of all claims
  • Submit denied non-work related claims to health insurance carrier/guarantor
  • Audit, correct and/or resubmit outstanding claims for adjudication

Outsourcing Workers’ Compensation Processing Eliminates The Headaches